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A Growing Tribute to the Community!

The summer is here and there's plenty to do. Just keep checking. If you have an event in the near furture please send an email to the address below.

In-Depth History

Coming soon, a brand new website dedicated to the life and times of Sir Joseph Paxton (CLICK the PIC!)- Why was he chosen to design Birkenhead Park? On his recent birthday, 3rd August, he would have been 209 years old!

Wild Life to Horticulture

The biggest back garden and its yours! So much to see, its design by Sir Joseph Paxton along with his Victorian contemporaries, landscaped this horticultural wonderland. Their determination brought to rapidly developing urban town parkland that was to become awash with wildlife and, most of all, free to enter and enjoy. Be sure to visit the park over the coming weeks as summer green turns to autumn gold, get out the camera and take a couple for the album!

Sport, Events & Activities

Apart from an English Country Garden there is nothing more English than Cricket! The founders of the park knew how important sport would be. Click HERE for a visit.

The Changes Begin!

We are now featuring a Beta (test) Version of club based activities available at various locations throughout the park. We are hoping that many clubs, NOT yet listed, will be in touch to ensure their activity is featured. The park, apart from its horticultural magnificence, is a thriving community of sport, ready and waiting for your participation so - have a look! By the way, its sister page "Event Calendar" will be with you in the very near future.

What we are STILL doing!

Anyone with a modern so-called "Smart Phone" will readily appreciate the virtue of QR (Quick Reference) codes, at this point let's make it quite clear, this will not isolate those without said "Smart Phone"! It is simply a clever and reliable method to transfer data, quickly and efficiently. Scanning the code provides access to services contained within the barcode. Most importantly not only is it an unobtrusive means of accessing information on-the-go, the transfer is always by choice and privacy remains secure. The QR code will feature in Paxton's Rough Guides which can be downloaded then printed or displayed. We will publish a Rough Guide to Paxton's Rough Guides in the near future!!

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